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Never Give Up! Oct. 16, 2016


Never Give Up  Luke 18:1-8 In today’s sermon Pastor Kim Gladding takes a closer look at the parable of the poor widow and the unjust judge found in Luke’s Gospel. It is a parable that speaks of absolute power and the absence of power, of arrogance and humility, of the need to be reassured that […]

Love Heals


Love Heals    Luke 8:26-39 Our Guest Speaker is Ms. Sherry Paddie.  Sherry is the Director of the Brad Riner Assistance Center, a 40 year ministry of the church to the homeless and those living on the margins of life. In this mornings sermon, Sherry looks at the healing of a man posessed by demons.  When […]

What We Do Because We’re Forgiven


What We Do When We’re Forgiven – Luke 7:36-48 In today’s message Pastor Kim Gladding looks at the story of Jesus dining at the home of Simon the Pharisee when a woman entered the house weeping. She went straight to Jesus, knelt down and washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her […]