We Are 9 Million Strong!

As a United Methodist Congregation we are not alone in our efforts! We join hands with almost 9 million United Methodists in over 35,000 churches (in the Unite States) to accomplsh amazing things for Christ!

Together we support:
Special Sundays
Human Relations Day
One Great Hour of Sharing
Native American Ministries
Peace with Justice Sunday
World Communion Sunday
United Meth. Student Day
Scout Sunday

Other Special Offerings
Africa University
Black College Fund
Christian Education Sun
UM Children’s Fund
Youth Service Fund
Student Sunday United Methodists Provide
2,281 Mission Personnel
103,500 VIM’S
(Volunteers in Mission)
Global Disaster Relief
Global Hunger Relief
Agricultural Missionaries
Medical Missionaries
Teachers, relief workers
8 two-year colleges
82 four-year colleges
10 universities
13 theological schools
69 hospitals
105 child care facilities
130 community centers
330 retirement homes