In June of 2019, First Glendale was joined by Trinity UMC in offering free Vacation Bible School and dinner to the children of Glendale, AZ.


Pharoah says no as Moses asks him to let his people go.

The youngest member of the Jones family did a great job as Pharoah in the Wild Bible Adventures on VBS ROAR day 2.

The children experienced the hard work of making bricks without straw in ancient Egypt. We learned that without straw, they are not very good bricks.

Wild Bible Adventures leader Christine is the “Egyptian Guard” talking about hearing Moses asking Pharoah to “Let my people go”.

The ancient Israelite slaves are making bricks for pharoah.

The Nile River in the distance. Under the beautiful blue hides one of the plagues of Egypt. The dramatic reveal of the river turning to blood was another exciting element of experiencing God’s Word.