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Join Us This 1 November 2020

We invite you to join us online for worship this coming Sunday! For Fall, we are exploring changes and connections.  Please join us online.

Rev. Tom Jelinek
Message: In The Steps
Read: 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13

The video will be available by 9 AM, Sunday.

Here is a letter from Rev. Jelinek to the congregation.

To read the most recent letter from the bishop, updated August 19, please click here.

Online worship will continue to be available to watch anytime on Sunday morning and you can join us in two ways: by going to the church website at glendalefirstumc.com and clicking on the button labeled “Online Worship” or by going to Facebook and the “First United Methodist Church of Glendale” page here: https://www.facebook.com/FirstUMCGlendale/

Also, watch for the weekly devotional, “Good Words for Tough Times” on Tuesdays. It is found on the bottom right of this page, on the email list, or on Facebook.

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First United Methodist Church of Glendale
First United Methodist Church of Glendale1 hour ago
God Bless you on this All Saints Sunday. Please join us with Rev. Tom Jelinek and "In The Steps".
First United Methodist Church of Glendale
In The Steps
For this All Saints Sunday, Rev. Tom Jelinek leads us in remembering and reminds us of the joy of following in the steps.
First United Methodist Church of Glendale
First United Methodist Church of Glendale4 days ago
Dear Church Family,

This is number 32 in a series of weekly devotions focused on faith, hope, and strength during hard times. When we began this online devotional, we couldn't have anticipated the pandemic going on for so long... but here we are, and we hope you find these stories and essays meaningful.

This is a devotion that was written by Meribell Bonice, a former office manager at Creighton UMC when Rev. Wick was there. Meribell passed away some time ago, but her words are timeless, and Rev. Wick wanted to share them with you today.

We invite you to submit your devotion to be used in upcoming weeks; please email the Church Office.

The world is full of love if we but stop to find it, underneath the bitterness, the hatred, and the intolerance of people. Love seldom taps us on the shoulder and announces its presence, but it is there…in the adoring eyes of a child, in the touch of a hand in thanks, in the prayer that engulfs the memory of a loved one, in the sweet devotion of a life weathered, face turned up to God.

In all the universe, troubled with its scarred beliefs, its insecurities, its unkindness, there truly still is love…revealing itself in the goodness of unselfish deeds, the sheer delight and appreciation of innate honesty in someone, the genuine outpouring of sympathy; oh, in a myriad of ways.
But love is only real when its boundaries are limitless, its depth fathomless, and especially when there are “no strings attached." That is when we can experience love purely; when we know and feel His arms protectively around us.

PRAYER: O Lord, give us the patience to find the love in ourselves, in others and in you, and express its meaning every day in some way… and be fully thankful for it. Amen.
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