We encourage you to visit the Stained Glass Windows at Glendale First. Captured in each window is either a story told by Jesus, an experience from his ministry, or a belief drawn from scripture. When the first light of dawn strikes one of the windows, the story comes alive with the power to inform and transform a person just by seeing “The Gospel in Glass.” We invite you to spend time in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings to sit in the light from each window, read a short devotion on the window, gaze on the window and be transformed.

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The Welcoming Christ
This window was given in memory of H.K. Nickerson, Bessie Ray, Charles Connell, Edwin Bloss and Carl Vogt.
Located above the main entrance of the Sanctuary, this window is about your story and your journey of faith. Here we find the Risen Christ, draped in a red robe and outlined by a golden halo. With arms outstretched, He welcomes you and all who enter.