Sermons from January 2022

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February 27: A Metamorphosis

Read Luke 9:28-36 The true nature of Jesus was revealed on the day of Transfiguration. If we let God work in our lives, our true nature, our God-given gifts and graces, will also shine forth for the world to see.

February 20: What Goes Around

Psalm 37:1-9, Luke 6:27-31 When we model grace and mercy, it can have a significant and lasting effect on the world around us.

February 6: The Holiness of Hospitality

Deuteronomy 10:17-22, Matthew 25:31-40 The scriptures and the history of our faith specify that welcoming the stranger is a priority and that has implications for our life as God’s people today.

January 9: From the Water

Read Luke 3:15-22 The remembrance and celebration of Jesus’ baptism, and thanksgiving for our own baptism, the significance that it has had in our lives, and for those who made it possible.

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