Sermons from October 2016

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Celebrating UMW! Oct. 23, 2016


Celebrating UMW!  I John 3:18-24 Today was United Methodist Women Sunday at First  Glendale and we were blessed to have some of our UMW ladies lead us in worship. It was a wonderful reminder of the great mission work done by United Methodist Women in our own faith community and around the world.

Never Give Up! Oct. 16, 2016


Never Give Up  Luke 18:1-8 In today’s sermon Pastor Kim Gladding takes a closer look at the parable of the poor widow and the unjust judge found in Luke’s Gospel. It is a parable that speaks of absolute power and the absence of power, of arrogance and humility, of the need to be reassured that […]

Lessons From The Potter Sept. 25, 2016


Lessons From The Potter   Sept. 25, 2016 “Lessons From the Potter is a message of music, devotional thoughts and visual meditation by Pastor Kim Gladding. Just as the Potter fashions a beautiful creation on his wheel, so you are a beautiful creation fashioned by God.

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