The Gospel

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Removing the Roadblocks


God helps us to rid ourselves of the things that interfere with our faith journey. Scripture: 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 Happy Father’s Day

Of Palms and Persecutions


Join us for Palm Sunday, where we remember that no matter what we may face, triumphs or trials, God will always be with us.   Liturgy of the Palms:  Mark 11:1-11,  Scripture: Mark 14:27-50

The First Day


We welcome you to join us as Rev. Tom Jelinek leads us to understand that  Just as God created the world anew, and Jesus’ ministry began with His Baptism, so God gives us the opportunity to have a new beginning, a fresh start in our lives.  Please remember, the live stream begins at 10 am.  […]

In The Light


God has revealed God’s Self to us in the Gift of Jesus Christ, and God has been, is, and will be with us for all time. Join Rev. Tom Jelinek as we explore God’s gift.

On the Path

On the Path words over tree.

Join Pastor Tom Jelinek as he discusses being On the Path on this second Sunday of Advent. The live stream will appear at 10 am on Sunday, December 6th. After the live stream, it may take a few hours for Youtube to process the video before it appears on the Youtube channel.

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